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New Website!

Welcome to the new Brannigan Group Website!

New Article in J Phys Chem B

New article resulting from our collaboration with the Eckenhoff group was published in J. Phys. Chem. B: “Computational Investigation of Cholesterol Binding Sites on Mitochondrial VDAC” by B. Weiser, R. Salari, R.G. Eckenhoff, G. Brannigan.

New Article in Biophysical Journal

A new article resulting from our collaboration with Dr. Jerome Henin was published in Biophysical Journal:  “A predicted binding site for cholesterol on the GABA(A) receptor” by J. Henin, R.Salari, S. Murlidaran, G. Brannigan.

New Article!

New article published in Mol Sim: “Pentameric Ligand-gated ion channels : Insights from Computation ” by R.Salari, S. Murlidaran, G. Brannigan

New Funding!

Dr. Brannigan is awarded a subaward from Temple University (renewable for five years, primary sponsor, NIH) for “Interactions of inhaled anesthetics with macromolecules”