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Wanted: Undergraduates for Summer Research

The Brannigan group is looking for summer interns!  Please check out the Job Description :

One or more summer research positions for undergraduates are available in the Brannigan Research Group at Rutgers University (Camden Campus).

The research in the group is done entirely on the computer; we use equations from classical physics to simulate the dynamics of molecular systems that are relevant to biology and medicine, but experimentally inaccessible. Summer research students would be working on simulations of mixed membranes (lipid bilayers) containing neurotransmitter receptors.

The research group includes students with a range of STEM backgrounds. You might be a good match for this position if you are:

– A physics or chemistry major, interested in biology, and comfortable using computers, particularly linux.

– An upper-level biology major that has taken at least one year of college physics, and enjoys using computers.

– A computer science major that has taken at least one year of college physics, is enthusiastic about scientific questions, and comfortable using linux.

– A student with a different background, but with related interests and the ability to learn quickly.

We’re located on the Camden campus of Rutgers University – a friendly and pretty campus just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, adjacent to the Camden waterfront and next to the City Hall PATCO station.

Internship is for eight weeks, from June 20 – August 5, 2016 (some flexibility on start and/or end date is available.), and includes a stipend.

Interested students should check out the lab webpage at , then send a CV/resume and a brief explanation of their interest to

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