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Congratulations Rulong!

Rulong successfully defended his Masters thesis “The effect of phospholipid species on non-ideal behavior in cholesterol-containing bilayers”! He’ll be moving on to the PhD Program in Biochemistry at the University of Houston, in Fall 2019.  Congratulations, Rulong! 

New paper Published in the Journal of Membrane Biology

Congratulations to Kristen and Liam – their paper Untangling direct and domain-mediated interactions between nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in DHA-rich membranes was accepted to the Journal of Membrane Biology! This paper builds on Liam’s previous results that nAChR boundary lipids are enriched for polyunsaturated acids (PUFAs) in membranes that form domains, like the white lipids in the top row.   Here we tested whether this was still true if the PUFA-rich domains could not form (bottom row), as well as how domain formation affects oligomerization of nAChRs. nAChRs seem to be corralled by the domains, so they dimerize at lower protein concentrations.