Brannigan Lab



Ezry’s first paper in the lab is out!

Ezry and Dr. Brannigan attended the 2022 NSF NRT Meeting

Jahmal successfully defended his MS thesis!

Connor is now a PhD Candidate

We held our First Annual VMD Contest!

Mark receives a FAER Grant

Jahmal Receives an Honorable Mention from the Ford Foundation

New Paper published in PNAS blobulates the human proteome

Alpha version of the blobulator now available!

Blobulation is an approach for edge-detection in protein sequences based on contiguous hydrophobicity, which we originally developed for a specific long intrinsically disordered protein (the prodomain of BDNF).

The blobulator is a webtool for blobulation, which allows the user to blobulate any sequence, and visualize the results while adjusting the two blobulation parameters to detect more edges for higher-resolution (“zooming-in”) or detect fewer edges for a more tractable visualization (“zooming-out”).